[ros-users] rosjava package not compilable when messages includes as dependency (with text)

Markus Krenn Markus.Krenn at ima-mst.at
Fri Jan 20 11:34:31 UTC 2012

Hello ROS community!

@admin: sorry for the previous post https://code.ros.org/lurker/message/20120118.133134.5d175f25.en.html which you can delete. At the given link, I sent the email as  HTML email, thus it was added as attachment and the text therefore won't be shown directly. So I posted it again as a plain text email.

I have created a package following the instructions on this website: http://www.ros.org/wiki/rosjava/Build

Then I included the trajectory_msgs package as a dependency in the manifest.xml file. When doing a rosmake on that newly created package, I'll get a build error saying, a certain package (std_msgs) could not be found.
When deleting that dependency, rosmake works fine.

This seems to be a bug which is caused when rosmaking packages which are dependent on message packages which are again dependent on other  message packages.
In other words, if a dependency is a package containing messages, which again depend on messages in another package, the build will fail.

Can someone confirm that?

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