[ros-users] Injecting user's issue tracker information into the ros build system.

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 09:33:21 UTC 2012

I was wondering if we might inject url's for packages and stacks into the
manifest.xml/stack.xml files like we do for a package's home page. For


Ostensibly, this can *usually* be found from the home page url, but
sometimes its not there, or it just takes time to track down. It's also
informally pasted on alot of wiki pages, which does work. However, if it
is formally embedded into the build system you could automate retrieval for
the ros wiki pages (insert into 'Package Links') and other tools could find
a use for it then too. This might help alleviate the problems people were
having finding the correct issue tracker to report to that was recently

Might also want to differentiate from a browse issues link and a report
issue link which would conveniently fill in alot of the blanks with correct


PS If it did go into a roswiki "Package Links" section for a package and
the tag wasn't present in the manifest, then it'd be good to highlight it
as a missing link to act as a gentle prod to developers that this link is
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