[ros-users] rviz is moving to Qt, preview available

Dirk Thomas mail at dirk-thomas.net
Tue Jan 10 16:47:52 UTC 2012

> I have taken some time to merge the matplotlib into ros-gui for real-time  scalar data visualization. This is actually a simple version of original rxplot. I think the plot quality is better than qwt:
> https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110758615329253997840/albums/5687860553056164161/5696030098198932738

The image looks great. Is the repository for this plugin available?

>   And I'll soon implement rxbag in ros-gui.

This would be a great plugin for ROS GUI.
It would be one of the most important rx-tools yet missing in ROS GUI.
May be it would be good to put this directly into the "ros_gui" stack?

> But before going further, I have some question:
>  1. It looks like the rviz has it's own dock widget plugin architecture. Is that an overlap between rviz and ros-gui if I make an rviz plugin for ros-gui?

Yes, rviz uses it's own plugin architecture to be independent of ROS GUI.
Actually there is already a rviz plugin for ROS GUI ("rosgui_rviz") - please take a look at the "ros_gui" stack and its packages: https://kforge.ros.org/visualization/ros_gui?p=ros_gui;a=tree

>  2. Is the rviz property display widget available for ros-gui?

I don't know - but the existing plugin "rosgui_rviz" runs a full instance of rviz inside a ROS GUI dock widget.


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