[ros-users] rviz is moving to Qt, preview available

Dirk Thomas mail at dirk-thomas.net
Thu Jan 12 10:06:56 UTC 2012

>         I have taken some time to merge the matplotlib into ros-gui for real-time  scalar data visualization. This is actually a simple version of original rxplot. I think the plot quality is better
>         than qwt:
>         https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110758615329253997840/albums/5687860553056164161/5696030098198932738
>     The image looks great. Is the repository for this plugin available?
>           And I'll soon implement rxbag in ros-gui.
>     This would be a great plugin for ROS GUI.
>     It would be one of the most important rx-tools yet missing in ROS GUI.
>     May be it would be good to put this directly into the "ros_gui" stack?
> I'd like to merge all my code in ros_gui stack. But what shall I do?

I think the best way for now is that you send me the code (or later on diffs).
I will then commit them to the ROS GUI repository.

>     I would hope the property editor widget could be used to edit properties of lots of things in ROS_GUI, but I haven't tried it.  Also, I haven't set up the Python bindings to happen for the
>     property editor code yet, I don't know if that will be hard or easy.
> This is very useful! But what if both two ros_gui plugins have a same widget? Apparently loading a same widget twice is not efficient. At the moment I don't think there is a communication scheme
> between plugins in ros_gui. Am I right?

Yes, that is right - there is no direct interface to access other plugins from within one plugin.
But of course you can use a ROS topic to exchange arbitrary information.

May be something like this might be added later on - this is still the first version of ROS GUI.
There might be many useful additions which could be realized in the future.

>       And I'll soon implement rxbag in ros-gui.

I will working on ROS GUI in the future quite a lot.
So please keep me posted when you work on specific plugins in order to avoid duplicate work.
E.g. a rxbag-like plugin is certainly one of the next plugins to be implemented.
It might be a good idea to fill a feature request for specific plugins to keep track of what is already being worked on.

>     Good stuff!  I designed rxbag in such a way that it could be included in a larger system, so hopefully that integration should be straightforward.

Since ROS GUI is based on Qt and rxbag uses wxWidgets the actual UI and interaction logic must be reimplemented anyway.


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