[ros-users] Issue with "rostnode list"

Alex Bravo robotatlas at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 17:12:07 UTC 2012

I ran into an issue while doing "Understanding ROS Nodes" tutorial

I noticed that killed ROS nodes are not being removed from "rosnode list".

When I used "rosnode info turtlesim", I saw:
contacting node http://i7:*56977*/ ...
ERROR: Communication with node[http://i7:56977/] failed!

I thought maybe it was because I did not have $ROS_HOSTNAME defined as
described here:
So I added export ROS_HOSTNAME=localhost

After that "rosnode info turtlesim" give me:
contacting node http://localhost:*60372*/ ...
Pid: 6178

I thought it was strange to see a different port number, but rosnode list
started working.

Then I went to the next tutorial and did "roscore" while other roscore was

Then I noticed that  "rosnode list" again doesn't work and "rosnode info
turtlesim" now gives:
contacting node http://localhost:39889/ ...
ERROR: Communication with node[http://localhost:39889/] failed!

P.S. I'm using Fuerte with a fresh Ubuntu-12.04, 64-bit.
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