[ros-users] Out-of-Core Octree and Visualization Library

Eitan Marder-Eppstein eitan at willowgarage.com
Mon Jun 4 23:39:49 UTC 2012

Hey all,

A number of us at WG have been working on ways to store and visualize very
large amounts of point cloud data. Until now, this has been an internal
project, but we've decided to release our code Open Source to the ROS/PCL
community. For anyone who wants to stream point clouds and visualize them
remotely in a web browser, the code is definitely worth a look.

Key features are as follows:

   - Create an octree containing billions of points
   - Store octrees across a Hadoop cluster or on a local disk
   - Stream highly compressed points to a thin client
   - View billions of points in your WebGL enabled web browser

You can find basic documentation here: http://ros.org/wiki/megatree
Also, for those who want to be able to import from PCD files:

And a "Getting Started" tutorial here:

Enjoy it and hope all is well,

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