[ros-users] looking for a ROS developer

Chris Jones cjones at punchingpro.com
Wed Jun 13 21:01:00 UTC 2012

My hourly budget isn't really high but it should be fairly long term. I'm
learning ROS now and have Electric connected to an Arudino 2560. 

But I need someone who is more experienced.


The application is for a punching robot. ROS will be connected to a custom
Arduino board that will read sensor data and drive motors, etc. 


If you have experience with basic TFs, Kinect camera, accelerometers/gyros
like FreeIMU and Arduino all the better. This is a real project that 

we are looking to commercialize. The physical robot, motors, etc. are all
90% sorted and I am in the process of assembling our first projection
ready robot now. May also be able to offer some stock for a lower hourly
rate. Contact me for more info. 


One area I'm struggling with a little is figuring out if we want to use
forward or inverse kinematics for the arms. We're only dealing with 3DOF
and DC (not servos or steppers) motors, either we close loop the DC motor
and use a 9DOF sensor to put them in the right position or we calculate
motor run time up front based on an encoder reading. 


Our target is a sub $3000 full size dynamic sparring partner for boxers and
martial artists. 


Chris Jones

Punching Pro, LLC.


 <mailto:cjones at punchingpro.com> cjones at punchingpro.com



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