[ros-users] is a native ROS device possible?

Nikolai Ensslen nensslen at synapticon.com
Wed Jun 13 21:33:31 UTC 2012

Basically there is no point why you shouldn't be able to do on an ARM what
we're doing on an XMOS. There are just two things to mention:


-       You need to see whether the device you're using is powerful enough
to run the OS, HTTP stuff and still have some performance left for the
actual application. Should be the case for Cortex M3-class of devices with a
little higher clock rate, of course depending on what the application is. An
XMOS processor has 8 HW threads per core, each running at 125 Mhz, so on our
currently available core board we have processing capacity that equals about
32 Cortex M3s running at 100 Mhz.

-       Big parts of rosxmos right now are coded in XC, which is a CSP
implementation (reason why is the multithreading architecture mentioned
above). But XC is basically a flavor of C and you can program a single
thread of an XMOS also in C and C++. So it should be no tremendous effort
porting rosxmos to any other C-compiling environment by rewriting it for a
single thread situation to C only.


On the other side the question is what happened to http://ros.org/wiki/eros,
in particular http://www.ros.org/wiki/roscpplight when we talk about
OS-based ARM implementations of ROS. Daniel and Morten of Yujin were working
on that, so you should go over to them and have a chat, Marcus. ;-)
Surprisingly I can't remember anyone at ROSCon talking about
eros/roscpplight when the Dynamic Firmware idea was pitched by Morgan, incl.
Daniel.? As far as I know did our guys take a closer look to roscpplight
before they got into rosxmos, but there were still some dependencies to get
rid of or something like that.




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@ Synapticon: Do you think that the implementation/idea of rosxmos will be
easily adaptable/expandable to be used on other platforms such as ARM and
Atmel (Arduino)? Maybe we could develop some core components together and
one writes the platform-specific parts as needed. 


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