[ros-users] AR Drone driver in rosjava using javadrone

Tully Foote tfoote at willowgarage.com
Tue Jun 19 07:06:01 UTC 2012

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your announcement your repository has been added to the indexer.

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On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM, J. Pablo Ramirez-Paredes <
pablo.ramirez at utdallas.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a student at UT Dallas, and we have a ROS driver for the AR.Drone. It
> is an early version, and it has almost the same functionality as the
> ardrone_brown package. The main difference and advantage is that it is
> written using rosjava and javadrone.
> This means that no matter how broken the official SDK is on current or
> future versions of Linux, we could always have a ROS driver as long as a
> Java Virtual Machine is present. Moreover, if somebody has the skills this
> could be ported to Windows or Android, since it does not use native code at
> all.
> You can find this package at https://github.com/jpiramirez/ardrone_utd
> There are a couple of Wiki entries explaining how to install and use it.
> Suggestions and bug fixes are very welcome!
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