[ros-users] looking for developer, input on project

Chris Jones cjones at punchingpro.com
Thu Mar 1 21:17:14 UTC 2012

Working on a robot for boxers to spar with.
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Been doing everything in Arduino but I'm starting to run into limitations.
There just isn't enough cpu power there. I'm looking into combining it with
ROS. I've got the
first basic hello world ROS serial connection to the Arduino working. 


A lot of the ROS functionality I won't require right now. Here is what I'd
like to do:


-          Use arduino drive small LCD screen and navigation. It's already
built and works so why change it

-          Pass sensor data back through ROS.

-          Start recording video from a basic webcam of the user and overlay
sensor data on it. For example show data from the accelerometer (how hard
the user punches)
overlayed time-synced with the video. That way the user can see the video of
them throwing a punch and see how much power that punch generated.

-          FTP raw csv of sensor data as well as video/overlayed graph to a
web server.


Any suggestions on specific libraries or how to go out doing this?
Specifically the video overlay as that seems to be the most difficult.
Anyone looking for some side
work let me know your hourly rate directly at cjones at punchingpro.com. 


Chris Jones

Punching Pro, LLC.


 <mailto:cjones at punchingpro.com> cjones at punchingpro.com



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