[ros-users] New python API for the diagnostic_updater package

Brice Rebsamen brice.rebsamen at gmail.com
Tue May 15 08:17:04 UTC 2012

Dear ROS users

I translated the diagnostic_updater C++ API into Python. You can find it in
the trunk folder of the SVN repo:

This will become 1.7.0 soon, once I figure out how to actually do that.
Hopefully it will be out as 1.8.0 in Groovy.

I have been using it myself and I implemented a frequency diagnostic
facility for the sick_ldmrs driver by csiro (available in the diagnostic
branch of their repository). So far it has proved to be bug free, so please
use it and let me know how it can be improved. It should be very easy to
start implementing it for those who are familiar with the C++ API. There is
some documentation within the code, and I will soon come up with an
example.py modeled after example.cpp, as well as with some documentation on
the wiki.


Brice Rebsamen
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