[ros-users] [robotino stacks] problem with wireless connection

Son Le letrungson1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 06:27:14 UTC 2012

Hi ROS users,

I simply want to connect my PC as a client (with a wifi stick) to 
Robotino as an AP to run some robotino demos provided with the stack.

But the result is always like this:
[ WARN] [1351922165.116894137]: The root link base_link has an inertia 
specified in the URDF, but KDL does not support a root link with an 
inertia.  As a workaround, you can add an extra dummy link to your URDF.
[ERROR] [1351922165.594054747]:
[ INFO] [1351922167.593944503]: Disconnected from Robotino*

I also checked the connection with Robotino View and it worked to 
capture camera image or other sensors in Robotino View.
But it failed to run/compile robotinoView demo in Eclipse and either 
with _ROS robotino stacks i.e robotino_node
The IP I used in robotinoView was used again to launch robotino_node

Does launching robotino_node have such trouble? and need much of 
debuggin or something??

Thank you in advance for any help!!

Shawn Le

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