[ros-users] roscpp on embedded devices with ethernet?

Nikolai Ensslen nensslen at synapticon.com
Wed Sep 12 20:24:05 UTC 2012


at Synapticon we're working on full-fledged ROS communication for our
SOMANET range of devices:
http://www.synapticon.com/systems/products/somanet/ - See diagram
"Integration with ROS". Using this you're able to code real-time software
that behaves like a ROS node in C and run it on bare metal. What we call
"rosxmos" is a port of our embedded client library "rosc" for XMOS chips.
Anyway you should be able to port rosc to any platform for which a C
compiler exists.

A first version of both will be presumably finished by the end of next
month. As it will be released as public open-source at a later time first,
please give me a message if you're interested in early adoption.


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I've been searching the archives for info on this topic but everything I
turn up is pretty ancient.

Suppose you have an embedded device that has an ethernet controller and
enough oomph to run a TCP stack and an RTOS, for instance an ARM Cortex-M3.
Is it possible to run roscpp on the bare metal, or does roscpp depend on a
lot of Linux system services?  Of course, rosserial would be an option, but
if you have an ethernet controller on chip, that seems limiting.  Or is
there another light-weight ROS comms on TCP that I don't know about?


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