[ros-users] Recent workshop and new ROS Sydney users group

Gav the.mechatronics.guy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 04:08:37 UTC 2013

Hi All,

We ran an introductory ROS workshop at Robots and
Dinosaurs<http://robodino.org/>in Sydney last Saturday. It was loads
of fun and got a lot of new people
started with ROS.

We share the workshop with movie model makers (such as Dalek and R2D2), and
there's been a bit of interest in automating some of those.

I also put a few resources up which others might find useful for workshops:

   - Per-machine setup for workstations
   - Rough slides for ROS introduction
   - Example set of exercises for the group to work on.*
   - Cheatsheets to aid with new Linux users

And there was so much local interest that we've formed a Sydney ROS users

If anyone's in the Sydney area and would like to come along, you're most
welcome. We'll be meeting up in Robots and Dinosaurs on Saturday the 27th
April at noon.

Gavin Smith

*One technique that worked quite well with this was shameless bribery. I
put up some topics or TF frames on the network, and the first group to find
it or describe the relationship correctly got chocolates. Exactly the right
amount of mad scrabbling and fun, without it being too competitive. :-)
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