[ros-users] bloom 0.3.3 and changes to metapackages in catkin 0.5.65

Marcus Liebhardt marcus.liebhardt at yujinrobot.com
Tue Apr 2 00:07:22 UTC 2013

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 7:08 AM, William Woodall
<william at osrfoundation.org>wrote:

> bloom 0.3.3 has just been released, and a complete changelog is available
> here:
> https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/bloom/blob/master/CHANGELOG.rst
> The most important change with this version of bloom is that it conforms
> to recent changes in REP-0127, keeping in step with the recent release of
> catkin 0.5.65:
> http://ros.org/reps/rep-0127.html#metapackage
> https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/rep/commit/33b60d566324c66f5ad03946116020c062a53991
> These changes precipitated from discussions on the ros-sig-buildsystem
> mailing list:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/ros-sig-buildsystem/mn-VCkl2OHk/dUsHBBjyK30J
> This basically means that you can no long release metapackages which do
> not have the recommended CMakeLists.txt with bloom 0.3.3. Having the
> recommended CMakeLists.txt file in your metapackages is a requirement
> starting with Hydro, and a warning in Groovy. Since this is a non-breaking
> change we encourage you to fix your metapackages for Groovy when/if you
> decide to release a patch version into Groovy (it is not necessary to make
> a special release just to fix this). Since it is required for Hydro and
> encouraged for future releases into Groovy, bloom now requires it.

Small addition:
Make sure you have no _old_ CMakeLists.txt lingering around in your
metapackages, otherwise catkin might refuse to build.
That happened to me, because I used catkin_create_pkg and forgot to remove
the automatically created CMakeLists.txt. The old catkin version just
ignores them. That's why it remained unnoticed so far.

And after all the bashing on catkin:
Thanks for the hard work, build team and all contributors!


> There is now a short guide on how to update your metapackages to reflect
> REP-0127 on the catkin page of the ros.org wiki:
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/catkin/MigratingMetapackagesToIncludeCMakeLists.txt
> Sorry for any hiccups this may cause, and please direct any
> questions/concerns to the buildsystem sig or answers.ros.org.
> Thanks!
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