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Dave Coleman davetcoleman at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 08:30:00 UTC 2013


I'd like to announce some significant improvements in the integration of
the Gazebo simulator <http://gazebosim.org/> with ROS in next week's
rollout of Hydro. These improvements will require a few updates to existing
robot-specific ROS packages that use Gazebo, but should overall be
painless. Most importantly, *we now have good

The old simulator_gazebo <http://www.ros.org/wiki/simulator_gazebo> has
been replaced in Hydro with a new meta package named
The most significant difference is that ROS no longer builds its own
version of Gazebo (e.g. ros-groovy-gazebo). Instead, *ROS Hydro uses the
default stand-alone version of Gazebo as an upstream dependency *(debian)*.*
 The removal of a ROS dependency held by Gazebo (urdfdom) has facilitated
this change.

The primary changes:

   - System dependency on Gazebo
   - Treats URDF and SDF as equally as possible
   - Adds out of the box support for controllers using ros_control and
   transmissions - see
   - Improvements from the DARPA Virtual Robotics
   - Code cleanup and reduced code duplication with Gazebo
   - Four *new plugins*: ros_video, ros_prosilica, ros_skid_steer_drive,
   ros_planar_move (thanks Piyush Khandelwal, Zdenek Materna)
   - catkin-ized

I've created a nice *diagram*
migration guide<http://gazebosim.org/wiki/Tutorials/1.9/Overview_of_new_ROS_integration>
the changes involved.

I encourage anyone who has recently been disenfranchised with Gazebo-ROS
integration to give it another try!


Dave Coleman
Open Source Robotics Foundation | 251.463.2345 | davetcoleman.com
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