[ros-users] catkin_make convenience improvements

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Fri Feb 1 10:06:32 UTC 2013

Hi Claudio,

thanks for bringing up IDE integration, it was not on my list of things 
to consider.
Maybe read this question if you're using Eclipse: 

Please do not hesitate to share your experience with catkin and IDEs, 
and use answers.ros.org to get help for using other IDEs.


On 01.02.2013 09:29, Claudio Carbone wrote:
> Maybe an answer from a noob user could be of interest here.
> Context: started with fuerte, wrote some simple nodes, recently tried 
> moving on to groovy.
> The whole catkin thing was a huge blow after the already inexplicable 
> roscreatepkg+rosmake.
> I still don't understand why do I have to learn another series of 
> build tools when there is cmake+make.
> On fuerte I ended up using cmake most of the times (after one pass of 
> rosmake to generate msgs or services) as I could not get rosmake to 
> update the makefiles if I changed the configuration.
> Now with groovy I totally don't get the workspace thing and the new 
> command.
> Plus at least there are rosmake examples out there, while catkin ones 
> are difficult to come by.
> And on top of this all, I can't see how to integrate catkin in IDEs 
> which to me is a must if you really want to code for ROS.
> Now this is the perspective of a programmer just approaching ROS, not 
> criticizing anyone. But I want to stress that, not being part of the 
> inner circle, some things appear strange and unmotivated (new wheels 
> every time).
> Best regards
> Claudio
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