[ros-users] announcing matlab_rosbag v0.1

Benjamin Charrow bcharrow at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Jan 17 16:59:51 UTC 2013

Hi all.

I wanted to announce the initial release of matlab_rosbag, a small library which lets you read bags in matlab.  This library is intended to replace the one-off python / C++ programs / shell scripts that you have to write anytime you want to analyze or play with data inside of matlab.   A few selling points:

* ROS doesn't need to be installed on a system to use the library, you just need to download a mex function and a matlab class file.

* The library wraps the C++ rosbag API and so it supports bag file format 1.2 and later, including things like reading compressed messages.

* Message instances are converted to matlab structs using the message definitions contained within the bag.

Currently, there are several things that matlab_rosbag doesn't do such as writing to a bag, filtering messages by connection id, and reading all metadata.  None of these would be particularly hard to add, I just haven't had the time yet.

You can get the source code and pre-compiled binary releases for OS X and Linux from github:


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