[ros-users] rospack depends geometry_msgs vs rosmsg packages Header

Stephan Opfer opfer at vs.uni-kassel.de
Thu Jan 24 14:49:17 UTC 2013


I have some problem in understanding the consistency of the output of the following two commands:

$rospack depends geometry_msgs:

$rosmsg packages Header
geometry_msgs <--

So geometry_msgs is using the Header message from std_msgs, but geometry_msgs does not depend on std_msgs. One example of using the Header message is geometry_msgs/TwistStamped:

$rosmsg show geometry_msgs/TwistStamped
std_msgs/Header header
   uint32 seq
   time stamp
   string frame_id
geometry_msgs/Twist twist
   geometry_msgs/Vector3 linear
     float64 x
     float64 y
     float64 z
   geometry_msgs/Vector3 angular
     float64 x
     float64 y
     float64 z

Isn't it a bug?

Best Regards,

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