[ros-users] Updated OpenNI libraries released

Justin Bronder jsbronder at gentoo.org
Fri Jan 11 19:00:37 UTC 2013

On 10/01/13 23:10 +0100, Jochen Sprickerhof wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> * Justin Bronder <jsbronder at gentoo.org> [2013-01-10 16:44]:
> > Which "upstream" were these packages taken from?  Looking at
> > libopenni-sensor-primesense-dev for electric my best guess is that you have a
> > private fork somewhere that includes pieces of jspricke's [1] fork of avin2's
> > [2] fork of the actual upstream release [3].
> The packages are actually compiled from my fork, more exactly:
> https://github.com/jspricke/openni-sensor-primesense/commit/f7d390c75838320cc953d2eb8ad3d825e613a504
> and
> https://github.com/jspricke/debian-openni/commit/a777c31461e12438cba0d08488af82aab51a7d53

Excellent, that begins to clarify things for me.

However, I pulled down avin2's fork and at least some of your patches are
failing to apply.  This makes me suspect that you're not working off of
v0.93- currently despite what the commit history suggests.

This is with commit 93804c51b7ec9ec5b90ce46aacf93963c2712ae3 in your repo and
the v0.93- tag in avin2.

Justin Bronder
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