[ros-users] catkin_make convenience improvements

Jonathan Bohren jonathan.bohren at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 22:13:06 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 3:47 PM, Dirk Thomas <dthomas at willowgarage.com>wrote:

> (even if you can with the current catkin by passing in custom folder for
> build/devel/install).
> Anyway we are looking for ways to make catkin_make have a bit more sugar
> to make that tool easier and more convenient to use.

Then what if we support the following new but thin, tools for people who
want to use catkin_make instead of full-on-catkin but don't like having to
jump around their filesystem in the standard CMake workflow. Note I use the
current catkin_make script in `catkin init` to illustrate what that should
do. Also note that this preserves what are basically pass-through calls to
cmake and make

`catkin init`:
    mkdir -p .catkin/build .catkin/install .catkin/devel
    catkin_make  --build .catkin/build --src . --devel .catkin/build
`catkin cmake [cmake_args]`:
    cd /path/to/ws/.catkin/build && cmake /path/to/ws $cmake_args
`catkin make [make_args]`:
    cd /path/to/ws/.catkin/build && make $make_args
`catkin ninja [ninja_args]`:
    cd /path/to/ws/.catkin/build && ninja $ninja_args
`catkin source`:
    source /path/to/ws/.catkin/devel/setup.sh

Also it's worth noting that the current version catkin_make ignores the
"--devel" argument.


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