[ros-users] Oculus Rift Integration in RViz

David Gossow dgossow at willowgarage.com
Thu Jul 11 18:30:04 UTC 2013

Hi all,

since we got our hands on an Oculus Rift at Willow Garage, we've been
developing a plugin for RViz that renders to the headset and uses it's head

Since the SDK is not Open Source, we don't offer Debians at this point, but
it's easy to compile.
All the lucky ones who have the dev kit should check it out - the github
page contains more instructions:


For a better experience, we suggest to set the frame rate to 60Hz in RViz.
At the moment, you will need to check out and compile the hydro-devel
branch of Rviz to get this feature.

Feedback (and contributions) welcome!

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