[ros-users] ROS Hydromedusa Logo and Tshirt Campaign

Doug Sievers dwsievers at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 20:03:24 UTC 2013

Hi Tully,

Congratulations, I see the 150 mark has been passed!
I would love a Hydro T, and it's a great design, but I just can't do
turquoise. Any chance of adding black, white, or maybe a navy blue?


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> With the imminent release of ROS Hydromedusa, we are happy to continue the
> tradition of releasing great artwork to accompany great software.
> [image: Hydromedusa_web1.jpg]
> This time we're trying something new: to make ROS Hydromedusa T-shirts
> available to everyone, we're running a campaign on
> TeeSpring<http://teespring.com/ros_hydro_medusa>.
> This is a limited time offer; by pooling resources and ordering shirts at
> the same time, we can keep costs down for everyone.
> Please show your support of ROS by ordering a shirt! Proceeds from shirt
> sales will primarily cover the cost of the logo design, with any excess to
> be used for future ROS maintenance and development.
> It's a 3-week campaign, with 2 weeks and 6 days left. We need at least 150
> shirt orders by the end of the campaign to make the purchase. Orders in the
> US should arrive within 2 weeks of the end of the campaign; allow an extra
> week for international orders.
> There are a variety of men's and women's sizes and TeeSpring supports
> international
> shipping <http://teespring.com/about/shipping>.
> Get your ROS Hydromedusa Tshirt <http://teespring.com/ros_hydro_medusa>
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