[ros-users] missing generated lisp-messages in debian packages for groovy

Dirk Thomas dthomas at osrfoundation.org
Thu Jun 13 23:20:57 UTC 2013

On 13.06.2013 15:57, Dirk Thomas wrote:
> On 13.06.2013 15:03, Dirk Thomas wrote:
>>>> The temporary fix to check them out and build them locally works
>>>> since the issue has been fixed in the source repositories.
>>> Yup. I can confirm that this current fix is working. :)
>> But even when building a dry package with messages from source I don't get any lisp files.
>> So I would suspect that your workaround to build from source does not work for dry stuff.
>> Can you confirm that?
>> Above it sounds like a build from source would work for you.
>> Is that also true for dry stuff?
> Well, I see why it will work in your from-source-build.
> You do have roslisp installed.
> The buildfarm will only install dependencies explicitly stated by the package when building and packaging it.
> So dry packages lack a dependency on roslisp if lisp messages should be generated for them.
> I will see how we can work around that - since roslisp is not part of ros_comm anymore since Lorenz extracted it into a separate repo end of last year.

The only option is to add roslisp as a dependency of ros_comm.
ros_comm is the only package dry packages with messages have to depend on.
I ticketed and already committed the patch (https://github.com/ros/ros_comm/issues/240).
But this will require a new version 1.9.46 of ros_comm which will take some time to be build on the farm...
(Let's hope we don't find another lisp issue afterwards.)

- Dirk

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