[ros-users] Announcing new package minecraft-ros

Jon Stephan jfstepha at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 04:05:42 UTC 2013

ROS users,

I am pleased to announce a new package: minecraft-ros.  It consists of 2
utilities to convert ROS maps and octomaps to Minecraft worlds.

The files and instructions can be found here:

The map_2d_2_minecraft.py script will convert a 2D .pgm map file into a
minecraft world. The world file is copied into the ~/.minecraft/saves


The octomap_2_minecraft script, along with the octomap_dump program will
convert an octomap into a Minecraft map.


Both these scripts rely on pymclevel.  A chunk of the octomap conversion
code is borrowed from Nathan Viniconis' Kinect conversion code.


-Jon Stephan
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