[ros-users] Building catkin from source

William Woodall william at osrfoundation.org
Mon Mar 18 04:34:52 UTC 2013

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 8:22 PM, Ankur Sinha <sanjay.ankur at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2013-03-16 at 16:29 -0700, William Woodall wrote:
> Hi William
> Is this a cmake variable, ie, do I run
> or is to be specified in another way. (I tried the above method and it
> still creates the .rosinstall and .catkin files)

Unfortunately, I am not sure that there is an option to prevent catkin from
producing these files for itself, the way that we use that option is to
prevent other packages (i.e. not catkin) from creating these files. This
prevents a conflict when targeting them to the same prefix and packaging
them into debs separately. But in our use case we still want catkin to
provide these files as they are useful when we are targeting a prefix other
than `/usr` or `/usr/local`.

Maybe Dirk Thomas can give some insight on how to disable this for catkin

Likely what we will need to do is modify this line:


To read:


And then specifically not pass that argument to catkin only when we are
releasing for a prefix other than `/usr`.

I have opened a ticket about this on the catkin issue tracker, we should
continue the discussion there:


Also, we try to keep the traffic on ros-users low, so we should continue
any discussion on the issue tracker or as a question/answer on


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