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v4hn me at v4hn.de
Fri May 31 09:05:59 UTC 2013

Hey everyone,

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 10:27:11PM -0700, Chad Rockey wrote:
> My vote is to only support the Ubuntu LTS releases.  I can't recall a use
> case where robot hardware absolutely required anything non-LTS besides a
> backported kernel.  Unfortunately, it looks like we didn't poll which
> Ubuntu versions ROS users install on workstations and on robots.  I expect
> almost no one uses non-LTS on a robot, but it's likely a good idea to issue
> another poll on Ubuntu usage.

I know it's only a petty minority, but some people also use ROS with
non-ubuntu and more up2date systems.. ok ok it's not officially supported,
but I fear that sticking to Ubuntu LTS exclusively will just make it _much_
more work to port packages to more current library interfaces.
E.g. boost just changed their include file structure in some places
(program_options, thread,...) and quite a number of packages in groovy need
to be adjusted to compile again.
This is also an issue when preparing for the next LTS ROS release in your proposal.

Btw. This is also the major reason why I do not favour longer release cycles,
although I get the reasoning.

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