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On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 1:15 PM, Sudarshan Srinivasan <sudarshan85 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I am trying to get Moveit! working on the Meka robot. I have read most of
> the documentation and have a fairly decent idea of the different pieces
> involving Moveit! I think I have all the pieces required to get it work,
> however, I am having some trouble in making them work together. I am hoping
> this disscussion will not only help me but also other users who are in the
> same boat trying to get Moveit! to work with their robot.
> Originally, I had asked a question about Moveit on answers.ros.org which
> you can find here<http://answers.ros.org/question/84806/using-moveit-to-actually-control-a-robot/>
> .  I have completed the Moveit! quickstart tutorial including the RViz
> one where I can set a random goal state for a group and provided the path
> to the goal is not colliding with anything, the simulation runs. Up until
> this point, I did not have a FollowJointTrajectoryAction server running,
> have a contollers.yaml file or running anything on the real robot.
> Currently, my setup is: roscore is running on the computer that talks to
> the robot and I run Moveit! (using the command on the RViz tutorial
> demo.launch) on my computer while connecting to the remote roscore. Moveit!
> and RViz at this stage can read /joint_states and I can see the current
> state of the arms/torso etc on the model.
> Based on the universal robot (UR5) action server ur5_driver.py<https://raw.github.com/ros-industrial/universal_robot/groovy-devel/ur_driver/src/ur_driver/driver.py> and
> the associated client test_client.py<https://raw.github.com/ros-industrial/universal_robot/groovy-devel/ur_driver/test_move.py> for
> Moveit!, I started writing a very simple FollowJointTrajectoryAction server
> along with a very simple client to test it.
> My code can be found here:* meka_action_server.py<http://pastebin.com/gA5QM0Gb>
>  and test_client.py <http://pastebin.com/nLXwaLEk>.*
> When I launch Moveit! using the RViz launch file, I get error saying that
> it was unable to connect to the action server:
>> [ERROR] [1381437382.200345290]: Unable to connect to action server within allotted time
>> even though I was running meka_action_server.py. However, when I do:
>> $ rostopic list | grep follow/follow_joint_trajectory/cancel/follow_joint_trajectory/feedback/follow_joint_trajectory/goal/follow_joint_trajectory/result/follow_joint_trajectory/status
>> I get all the topics that Moveit! is presumably looking for. In order to
> test my server I ran the test_client.py which was written based on the
> tutorials and the UR5 test and it didn't really give me anything. I will
> also include my controllers.yaml <http://pastebin.com/dQP0jNuJ>,
> meka_moveit_controller_manager.launch <http://pastebin.com/9DpdFV8X>, and
> moveit_planning_execution.launch <http://pastebin.com/6ZfK0U7y> for
> completion.
> My questions:
>    1. Why is my test_client and Moveit not able to talk/connect to my
>    FollowJointTrajectoryAction action server and how can I fix this problem?
>    2. I can't use the pr2_moveit_controller_manager and have to use the
>    moveit_simple_controller_manager. Going by this<http://answers.ros.org/question/71824/gazebo-and-moveit-moveitsimplecontrollermanager-and-sending-joint-trajectory-messages/> post,
>    the moveit_simple_controller_manager requires an action server. How do I
>    get the moveit_simple_controller_manager and my action server to work
>    together?
> Like I said in the begining, I think I have all the pieces to make Moveit!
> plan a trajectory and receive it in the action server. Please let me know
> if I need to do anything in that regard. I would just like some help in
> getting them to work together. Essentially, I would like to receive the
> joint angles/velocity etc that Moveit! calculates and just print them onto
> the screen, because going from there to the robot is trivial.
> Thanks for reading and your help is greatly appreciated. Please let me
> know if you need anymore information.
> Thanks,
> Sudarshan.
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