[ros-users] Software Status Reporting and Custom Builds

Thomas Moulard thomas.moulard at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 02:59:46 UTC 2013

On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 11:29 AM, Edwards, Shaun M. <sedwards at swri.org> wrote:
> Looks like the discussion has died down.  I agree with Adolfo's changes and
> will incorporate them.  Unfortunately, I didn't hear an overwhelming
> response that the entire ROS community would find the status reporting
> useful.  I had hoped to incorporate the status symbols into the broader ROS
> wiki, instead of the "Industrial" sub pages.  For now I will leave the
> status descriptions where they are and mark the ROS-Industrial specific
> packages appropriately.  Maybe over time we will see if others choose to use
> them.

Sorry, I am arriving a bit late but so far the easiest way I found to
validate the projects
I maintain is through GitHub+Travis.

By putting a badge in your root README.md file, it becomes easy to see
if the stack
is working fine or not:
(change the branch to fuerte or groovy to see release per release status)

You can have different .travis.yml file on different branches so that
you can check
for all currently maintained ROS versions.

The killer feature compared to the usual buildfarm is that it
annotated automatically
pull requests with the CI status so that you can see if you can merge
the pull request
safely or not.

As for the CLA, I am currently using on another project the one from
the Canonical
Harmony project:
...and I keep the signature on echosign:

See the CONTRIBUTING.md of this project for instance:

Thomas Moulard

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