[ros-users] New Repository: ackermann_vehicle

Jim Rothrock jim.rothrock at wunderkammerlab.com
Sun Sep 29 22:57:04 UTC 2013

ackermann_vehicle contains ROS packages for simulating a vehicle with 
Ackermann steering.

     ackermann_vehicle: Metapackage
     ackermann_vehicle_description: Contains a URDF file that defines a 
radio-controlled four-wheel-drive truck.
     ackermann_vehicle_gazebo: Contains ackermann_controller.py, a node 
that subscribes to ackermann_cmd and publishes messages to various 
topics to which the gazebo_ros_control plug-in subscribes. 
ackermann_controller.py controls the RC truck's wheels and shock absorbers.


Jim Rothrock | Wunderkammer Laboratory
jim.rothrock at wunderkammerlab.com

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