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Tobias Opitz development at topitz.de
Tue Apr 15 08:47:30 UTC 2014

Hi Vinay,

Have you looked at the /win_ros <http://wiki.ros.org/win_ros>wiki-page/? 
The instruction to build ROS on Windows works really great and as far as 
I can tell, the core of ROS runs great even on Windows. The sources of 
ROS could be find at GitHub <https://github.com/ros>.

During the last months I have build ROS multiple times on Windows 
(VS2008, VS2010 and recently VS2012) sometimes for 32 and yesterday for 
64 Bit and the main difficulties for me was to build the dependencies 
itself or building ROS when there are more than one Python version 
installed on your machine (Python 32 or 64 Bit, 2.7.6 or 3.4).

Best Regards,

Am 15.04.2014 10:25, schrieb Vinay Kushwaha:
> Hi,
>      I have been working into Robotics and automation. Recently while
> working on some project i came across ROS. I found it very helpful
> tool. But some of my sensors and devices come only with Windows
> driver. I found that ROS windows is still experimental.
>      I just wanted to know, how this ROS is implemented in Linux. I
> could see ros::init, etc. so on many APIs. Where can i get the source
> code for them ? I could find ros.h, init.h but can`t find the
> respective C or C++ file.
> I have been working on writing OS Agnostic applications. So i was like
> if ROS is written in Posix then i already have a way to directly run
> it on windows with little effort. This way i would be very happy to
> utilize this tool. Once done, same can be used by other people who are
> waiting for ROS windows.
> Can anyone please help me on the same. So that we can have a great
> solution for ROS Windows as well.
> Best Regards,
> Vinay
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