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Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Fri Dec 19 09:20:04 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

When we started the ROS <http://www.ros.org> project back in 2007, our goal
was to build an open robotics software platform for students, engineers,
entrepreneurs, and anyone else to freely use and modify. In 2012, we took
the next step by founding OSRF
<http://www.osrfoundation.org/osrf-launch.html> as an independent
non-profit organization to pursue that mission, with responsibility for
both ROS and Gazebo <http://www.gazebosim.org>. Today, we see these tools
used worldwide to teach concepts, solve problems, and build products in
ways that we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning.

We couldn’t be happier with the size and breadth of the collaborative
community that we’ve built together, and we’re grateful to everyone in the
community for the roles that you’ve played.

You won’t be surprised to hear that it costs money to run OSRF. We employ a
small team of amazing individuals <http://www.osrfoundation.org/people>, we
operate an office in the Bay Area
<http://www.osrfoundation.org/saying-hello-to-the-new-office.html>, and we
run a suite <http://wiki.ros.org/> of online <http://answers.ros.org/>
services <http://jenkins.ros.org/> on which the community depends.

Since our founding, OSRF has enjoyed generous financial support
<http://www.osrfoundation.org/sponsors> from government agencies and
private industry, for which we’re very grateful. We hope and anticipate
that that support will continue in the future. But now, as we approach the
end of OSRF’s third year, we’re trying something new: asking you, our
users, for support.

If you rely on ROS and/or Gazebo in your lab, your startup company, your
weekend projects, or elsewhere, please consider donating to OSRF
<https://events.osrfoundation.org/osrf2014>. Your donation will support our
people and infrastructure so that we can spend (even) more time developing
and maintaining the software and services on which you depend.

As one example, if everyone who visits the ROS wiki <http://wiki.ros.org>
between now and the end of the year donates just $2, we’ll have our costs
covered for next year to manage, update, and host all of our online
services, including the wiki. Donations in any amount are welcome. Give
more, and we can do more.

Donate to OSRF today. <https://events.osrfoundation.org/osrf2014>

Thank you for your support.

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