[ros-users] Introducing Erle-brain and Erle-copter

Víctor MV v.mayoralv at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 11:52:33 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce our new releases: Erle-brain
<http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/Erle-brain#preview> and Erle-copter

Erle-brain <http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/Erle-brain> is a Linux based
autopilot for creating drones based on the BeagleBone Black that uses the
APM <http://ardupilot.com> autopilot software and has ROS (Hydromedusa)
pre-installed. It makes use of the mavros package to communicate with the
software autopilot and supports for now three kind of vehicles (each one
allowing different configurations): copters, planes and rovers.

Erle-copter <http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/Erle-copter> is a Linux-based drone
powered by Erle-brain that has been designed for educational and research
purposes. It can carry up to 2 Kg of payload and it has cheap part that
allow easy replacement.

Both products are available for pre-order and will start shipping shortly.

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