[ros-users] ROS usability (was: ROS & DDS)

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Sun Feb 16 10:56:11 UTC 2014

> Ease of use is *critical*. We're already receiving regular feedback
> that the usability of ROS is getting worse with each distribution.
> -Ryan

Hi Ryan,

it would be interesting to hear more details about what parts of ROS
suffered usability most, and what impact this has on Clearpath Robotics

The question about DDS was not asked by some OSRF technical underling or
the ROS platform manager, but by the OSRF CEO. So we can presume that the
internal discussion about DDS at OSRF is not just philantrophic idle talk,
but more relevant to the future of OSRF itself (not just ROS).

It seems unclear whether the loss of usability of ROS will have an impact
on OSRF funding, or whether OSRF should invest into integrating accepted
industry standards (like DDS) into ROS rather than improving usability.

The loss of usability itself is a pity, but OSRF closing shop would be
much more dramatic for the future of ROS.


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