[ros-users] Release of Java based ROS Client with UDPROS support

Aaron Schiffman aarondsc at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 14:51:22 UTC 2014

Dear ROS Users,

We recently released our Java based ROS Client in our RMDMIA Framework 
with the addition of functional UDPROS support. We currently are 
releasing our ROS Client under our Preview Evaluation License for free. 
We intend to use a much more open license on the ROS Client version of 
it after we deal with IP on our Autonomous framework. A list of 
tutorials is below. To enable UDP, specify UDPROS in the Preferred 
Protocol Column in the Configuration Manager, Save and Restart.
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide!


Aaron Sims

Release Announcement - 6/24/2014
RMDMIA for ROS Technology Preview 1 for Android/Java - Slipstream 8
UDPROS protocol support added to RMDMIA slipstream 8 release. This release 
includes major bug fixes, new functionality, and feature enhancements.
We are 
building the most flexible, developer friendly, high performance ROS 
Client for Java. Its time to share our ROS Client with the Java 
Development Community. We need input on our new Robotic Controller 
platform, and we will be releasing incremental components to our 
autonomous robotic framework to Java developers. Developer registration 
will be required to download and use our new components. We will 
strongly encourage Java developers to make the RMDMIA Framework their 
Robotics platform for Java (Registration required).

	* Java based ROS Client integrated with TCPROS & UDPROS protocol implementations. (UDPROS is broken until the next slipstream).
	* Automated performance tuning for autonomous robotic systems (will be included in next slipstream).
	* Automated Topic/Service Discovery
	* Graphical Configuration Tool (Java only)
	* Low level datastream reader
	* A single consistent API for ROS that does not require compilation or complicated configurations to run.
	* RCSM ROS Provider API Documentation
Here is a screenshot of the ROS Configuration Manager. 

The Java based Robotic Software Controller Framework for the RMDMIA for 
Android/Java(Robotic Mission Decision Manager Intelligent
Agent). API Documentation, and framework included. The RMDMIA Framework 
is a plugin/provider framework that is flexible enough 
that a developer can write a User Interface plugin that works across 
multiple Robotic Hardware Control Systems. This Technology Preview 
Release includes a configurable Timer Service, RCSM (Robot Control 
System Messenger) API, and ROCI (Robot Operator Control Interface) API.
Implementers of ROCI, & RCSM interfaces will be able to post there 
plugins/providers/RMDMIA components to the Happy Artist 
Marketplace in the near future. 

New Tutorial Announcement - 5/27/2014 
	1. Tutorial: RMDMIA Client Configuration for ROS Turtlesim
	2. Tutorial: Howto build a teleoperation controller for  ROS Turtlesim with a PS/3 Joystick using the RMDMIA ROCI Provider

	3. Tutorial: Howto implement a ROS Topic Subscriber Message Handler
	4. Tutorial: Howto Publish to a ROS Topic
	5. Tutorial: Howto to call a ROS Service
	6. Tutorial: Howto to call a persistent ROS Service
	7. Tutorial: Howto implement a ROCI (Robot Operater Control Interface) Provider

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