[ros-users] WillowGarage.com is still dead

David Lu!! davidvlu at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 18:27:49 UTC 2014

Following up on the thread "code.ros.org SSL certificate expired",
willowgarage.com is still down.

There is much to be said about Willow Garage being acquired/closing, but at
the very least, I would expect that the website would be kept around for
historical purposes, if nothing else. In the acquisition blog post, it was
stated "Interest in PR2 systems or support should continue to be directed
to Willow Garage through its portal at www.willowgarage.com." Relatedly, I
was only able to read said blog post through the Google cache. There are
numerous papers and other static resources that were hosted there that
cannot currently be accessed.

If WillowGarage.com is never coming back, someone should officially say so
so that maintainers can start updating links. Otherwise, it would be nice
to know what progress has been made to bring the website back up in the two
weeks its been gone.

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