[ros-users] ROS C#

Zsolt Szabo szabo.zsolt at nik.uni-obuda.hu
Mon Jul 28 12:14:30 UTC 2014

Hey all,

First of all, thank you all for all your help and feedback on the topic.

@Mike & Nicolas: RosBridge and ROS-C are both viable solutions, I had  
actually been thinking about ROSBridge for a while, because this seemed  
like the MOST simple solution. I eventually dropped this idea because of  
the performance. ROS-C was new for me, it seems promising, as a pure ANSIC  
lib is callable even from MONO.

@Hendrik & Stephan: sorry if I was offensive about the roscs, I meant no  
disrespect. Actually your implementation verified my thinking that I  
cannot simply wrap roscpp with mono, I *do* need a cpp middleware with  
EXTERN C ... (I was thinking too much that maybe I was wrong, there has to  
be a way to wrap directly with roscpp. But when I saw the current roscs,  
and I realized that I indeed have to use a middleware if I dont want to  
implement the master API ...) the current official roscs is a great place  
to start, so sorry if I offended you. In my opinion it is good starting  
point for demonstrating the possibility of a c# wrapper.

@Tully: Whoah, I especially thank YOU for your mail :) Eric McCann's  
solution is great, it works well, I managed to send messages thru the ROS  
master in c# ... Actually, I'll contact him soon, I think the best  
solution is contributing to his code as his project looks quite promising  
(he implemented his own ROS.NET client using XMLRPC...)  I had to install  
the XNA game studio SDK and the BLEND sdk to compile the code, so it needs  
quite a bit of refactoring, but in my opinion, that code can indeed be  
used purely from c#. No need for me to start again from zero.

Once again,  thank you all for your guidance.


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