[ros-users] RFC: warning for (lacking) queue_size for python publishers in Indigo?

Paul Mathieu paul.mathieu at pal-robotics.com
Thu Mar 6 09:20:21 UTC 2014

> Right now, it appears that the default setting is easily broken for a
> minority of use cases and non-intuitive to debug. And that would be good to
> amend. Better to have it working everywhere and optimisable for power use
> cases.
> Adding some notes on the wiki probably won't do much to notify existing
> users - typically copy/pasting from nearby code what I do.
> So back to my earlier question - is setting a queue size expensive in the
> python implementation? If there isn't a technical weakness there, then I'm
> all for a) warnings and a migration point sometime in the future - it
> wouldn't be very costly to mechanically search and destroy all
> rospy.Publisher instances in a ros workspace.

I agree with Daniel. Changing the default will break existing code, but if
the default is undesirable in a non-negligible amount of cases, then it
should be changed.
I would be in favor for a warning in Indigo, and a change of behavior in

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