[ros-users] Indigo buildfarm ready for releases

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Thu Mar 27 08:10:56 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

There's many packages blocking desktop and desktop_full. We're working on
setting up a dashboard for what is required for the metapackages. We will
announce it soon. The other issue blocking the release of the metapackages
repo is that we need to review the definitions of the metapackages.

Gazebo specifically has transitioned to being an upstream dependency on a
path toward being submitted to Ubuntu/Debian so there will be one version
released for each distro. (Usually the latest stable release) And it will
stick to the required ABI compatibility for that release cycle.  As it is
not yet available upstream we are importing it into the ROS repositories as
if it came from upstream. The gazebo_ros_pkgs is yet to be released I
expect it to be coming out soon.

To you question of what version saucy and trusty both have the gazebo2
builds, so Indigo will be exclusively gazebo2. For a summary of all
3rdparty packages which we depend upon we are tracking them here:
https://github.com/ros/rosdistro/issues/2421  The only outstanding package
is colladadom on Trusty.


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Mike Purvis
<mpurvis at clearpathrobotics.com>wrote:

> Thanks for the update, Tully!
> Two quick questions--
> First, is Gazebo the main thing blocking the release of the metapackages,
> especially desktop_full? If so, could we get those released, and just have
> desktop_full fail for a while, while having the smaller ones still
> available?

> Second, what is the story with Gazebo in Indigo? Is there a particular
> "supported gazebo" for Indigo? If so, is it 1.9 series or 2.0 series?
> Thanks,
> Mike
> On 24 March 2014 23:58, Tully Foote <tfoote at osrfoundation.org> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> We're pleased to announce the ROS build farm for Indigo Igloo is now
>> available.  It includes over 180 packages already for Ubuntu 13.10, Saucy
>> Salamander, and Ubuntu 14.04, Trusty Tahr. We expect that number to
>> continue to grow rapidly. Installation instructions already exist for
>> Ubuntu using debians or for compiling from source [1], and you can see the
>> status of Indigo packages on this page:
>> http://www.ros.org/debbuild/indigo.html
>> If you are a maintainer please look at what packages have been released
>> and consider releasing yours as soon as your upstream dependencies have
>> been satisfied.  If you are blocked on another package being released
>> please contact the maintainer.  And if you cannot reach the maintainer
>> please email ros-release at lists.ros.org (join if you aren't a member
>> already).
>> If you are planning to release into Indigo please read the information
>> provided in the migration guide [2] and refer to the bloom tutorials [3]
>> for doing the release. Please also contribute to the migration guide for
>> updates relating to your package.
>> After releasing your packages the build farm will keep you notified of
>> the status of the individual jobs. Please pay attention to the automated
>> emails from the buildfarm, if jobs are failing they block downstream
>> packages from releasing and waste our build resources.
>> -- Your Friendly ROS Release Team
>> [1] http://wiki.ros.org/indigo/Installation
>> [2] http://wiki.ros.org/indigo/Migration
>> [3] http://ros.org/wiki/bloom
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