[ros-users] Indigo buildfarm ready for releases

Mike Purvis mpurvis at clearpathrobotics.com
Fri Mar 28 00:01:46 UTC 2014

> Forward-porting ROS Hydro to Ubuntu Trusty LTS would seem to have more
> utility. Unfortunately, to produce a Hydro-Trusty binary release would
> require significant community effort to re-release all the packages.
> OSRF only maintains a small fraction of the available released ROS
> packages, so we are very sensitive to the existing time commitments of
> the package maintainers and hesitate to ask more effort from them. Our
> goal is for the generous efforts of the maintainers to provide the
> most utility possible to the largest possible user community.

What prevents creating a Trusty-Hydro combination using the Raring
sourcedebs? There's obviously some tooling effort to make the farm do that,
but it's at least a single person's task and not something requiring the
coordinated effort of 100+ maintainers.

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