[ros-users] ROS Korea users meetup

Jihoon jihoonlee.in at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 01:57:52 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

There will be ROS Korea users seminar & meetup in Seoul, Korea on 
December 21, hosted by OROCA, one of largest korean robotics community.
The seminar will cover overview for beginners, navigation, moveit, UAV, 
and community briefly by speakers from various groups in Korea.

Also I hope to hang out with other users after seminar since it is first 
ROS event in Korea. So please drop by in the evening. :)

For more info see(in Korean) : http://cafe.naver.com/openrt/7283

For English info : Email me(jihoonlee.in at gmail.com 
<mailto:jihoonlee.in at gmail.com>)



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