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Alper Ayvaci alper.ayvaci at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 20:15:16 UTC 2014

Scientist (Job Number: P13F01)

HRI in Mountain View, California, has an opening for a Scientist conducting
research in the area of computer vision based sensor fusion for mapping,
localization, and related problems. Algorithms will be implemented online
to process input from cameras and other sensors including IMU's, GPS, and
sensor data transmitted over automotive CAN bus. The successful applicant
will be a part of a research team developing and implementing a real-time
robotic perception platform supporting research on advanced driver
assistance systems and autonomous driving.

His/her responsibilities include:
* Research on sensor fusion for localization and mapping
* Develop software implementing proposed algorithms
* Employ sensor fusion techniques with multi-modal data
* Setup and run module regression tests using large collections of sensor
* Benchmarking results against ground truth data

* PhD degree in Computer Science, EE or related field
* Strong experience in an area such as SLAM, filtering, sensor fusion
* Broad knowledge of computer vision, robotics and machine learning
* Experience with online sensor processing of cameras, lidar, GPS, CAN bus
* Excellent programming skills in C++ and Linux

* GPGPU programming, runtime optimization
* Experience programming in robotics application frameworks such as ROS
(Robot Operating System)
* Working knowledge of popular libraries such as OpenCV, PCL and Eigen
* Experience working with GIS data and coordinate systems

To apply, please send a cover letter and your resume to

fulltime at honda-ri.com

with the subject line clearly indicating the job number you are applying
Name your attachments as "FirstName.LastName.OrganizationName.cv.pdf"
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