[ros-users] propose to add new message generator for EusLisp language.

Kei Okada k-okada at jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sat Oct 18 10:08:07 UTC 2014

Dear all

I'd like to propose to add new message generator[1] for EusLisp[2]
language as a default. This means you'll have share/euslisp directory
as well as share/common-lisp directory and that'll consume ~7M for all
existing message, which is 1/2 of common-lisp message.

- The package name will be 'geneuslisp'
- The message generator will create files under share/euslisp
- Dirk proposed to release new generator on indigo or Jade, but I'd
like to also release this generator on Hydro if possible.

Any feedback, comment, suggestions are welcome.

Kei Okada

[1] The implementation of EusLisp message generator can be seen at
https://github.com/jsk-ros-pkg/geneuslisp, which only depends on
genmsg package.

[2] The EusLisp language is a yet another dialect of Lisp language,
specially designed for manipulating 3D geometry and robot kinematics
models, mainly used in JSK lab at U-Tokyo.

[3] Original discussion is at https://github.com/ros/message_generation/issues/2


Since adding a new message generator is not a very small change to ROS
we think that you should write an email to ros-users@ to propose
adding this message generator as a default and ask for feedback from
the community.

It will be important to not introduce any dependencies which might
lead to problems when building for different platforms like ARM.

Before actually adding it the following tasks need to happen:

rename the "new" message generator package since it collides with an
already release packagegeneus, we would propose geneuslisp
release the new package geneuslisp - likely into Indigo only -
eventually even only into the upcomingJade depending on the discussion
update the message_generation package to list the new generator as a dependency

It should also be checked before that all packages in the targeted ROS
distro can be rebuild from source with the new generator in place to
avoid running into issues when it is released to the buildfarm.

What are the dependencies of the client library using the newly
generated code? Do you intent to also include that into desktop /

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