[ros-users] Microsoft Kinect v2 Driver

John A Sherman Sherman_John_A at cat.com
Mon Sep 8 16:18:37 UTC 2014


        I know that our organization has already developed some interest 
in the new kinect and its potential uses.  We, and I think many others in 
the ROS-Industrial community, would be interested in seeing this 
capability developed.  If it is as well received as its predecessor, then 
it could be very exciting.


John Sherman

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Date:   09/05/2014 06:00 PM
Subject:        [ros-users] Microsoft Kinect v2 Driver
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If you saw the subject line and got excited that a Microsoft kinect[1] 
driver was available for ROS, I apologize.  I am wondering if anybody is 
working on a driver.  The best effort I can find is libfreenect2[2].  All 
other efforts I have seen rely on a bridging the kinect through a windows 
PC.  It would be nice to have a native driver written for ROS/Ubuntu.  I?d 
be interested to hear from anyone that is current working on a driver, or 
would be interested in supporting the development of one.
Thanks in advance,

[2] https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect2
Shaun Edwards
Senior Research Engineer
Manufacturing System Department
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