[ros-users] ros-indigo on ArchLinux anyone? Can't install because of dependencies

Paul O. Seidon p.oseidon at datec.at
Fri Sep 12 11:46:03 UTC 2014

yaourt --noconfirm --needed ros-indigo-desktop


"Installing ros-indigo-desktop-full on ArchLinux: pyqt4-10-common and 
pyqt4-common are in conflict (pyqt-common). Remove pyqt4-common?"

I can't overcome the above problem. If I start to remove packages to 
install pyqt4-10, too many other apps would need to be removed (some of 
them I really need). Does anyone have a solution for this? Manual 
installation on an other machine didn't really help, the dependency 
problem strikes me there too.


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