[ros-users] SIGPIPE Conflict and Unmasking

Neil T. Dantam ntd at rice.edu
Sun Apr 5 22:47:39 UTC 2015


I am trying to call roscpp within another program that uses SIGPIPE.
ROS is blocking this (in ros::init() within
clients/roscpp/src/libros/init.cpp it seems) and this breaks things.

Why is SIGPIPE ignored here?  Presumably, this would be to prevent
the default handler from terminating the process when a socket is

My current workaround is to unmask SIGPIPE after the ROS libraries are
loaded.  This seems to be working fine in that I can communicate via
ROS and the rest of the program can use SIGPIPE as it needs to.  Are
there any potential subtle errors that could arise from this?

Ideally, it seems that there should be an option to prevent roscpp
from initially blocking SIGPIPE rather than it unconditionally
modifying the process-global state.

Neil T. Dantam

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