[ros-users] Official Docker Hub repo for ROS and Gazebo!

Ruffin White roxfoxpox at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 21:28:40 UTC 2015

Ok, I have a video for you then.
(Note: I added closed captioning,
so you could try google's auto translate feature if you don't like my

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that ROS now has an official Docker Hub repository
for ROS images [1].

You may remember earlier this year I asked the ROS community if there was
any interest in starting such project [2]. Well, a few months and an OSRF
internship later, OP is here to delver!

The official repository has been up for some time now, and it seems word
has already gotten around as the project currently has +1000 downloads (and
I know that wasn't just me), but I waited on announcing this until I had a
bit of documentation and tutorials to go with it. So I'd also like to point
out the Docker section that has been added to the ROS Wiki [3].

Another thing to add is that I have done the same for the Gazebo community
as well, so if you'd like to start building your cloud based simulation
clusters or quickly play with the latest version of Gazebo, v6.0,
regardless of the dependencies you may not have installed on your
workstation, you can download the official Docker Hub image for Gazebo [4].

The available ROS tags include supported distros, both Jade and Indigo,
along with a hierarchy tags based off the most common meta-package

   - ros-core: barebone ROS install
   - ros-base: basic tools and libraries (also tagged with distro name with
   LTS version as `latest`)
   - robot: basic install for robots
   - perception: basic install for perception tasks

The rest of the common meta-packages such as desktop and desktop-full are
hosted on automatic build repos under OSRF's Docker Hub oginsanal profile
[5]. These meta-packages include graphical dependencies and hook a host of
other large packages such as X11, X server, etc. So in the interest of keep
the official images lean and secure, the desktop packages and perhaps more
will just be hosted with OSRF's profile.

And as another plug for ROSCon 2015 [6], I'll also be giving a short
presentation on this topic:
ROS + Docker: Enabling Repeatable, Reproducible, and Deployable robotic
software via Linux Containers. So if you'd like to meet up and talk about
shipping software containers in robots, I'll see you there.

If you have any technical questions feel free to ask on answers.ros.org
with the tag "Docker", give me a ping @ruffsl, and feel free to help me
flesh out the wiki docs!

Special thanks to OSRF for making this possible,

[1] https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/ros/
[2] http://lists.ros.org/lurker/message/20150207.045015.a980e817.en.html
[3] http://wiki.ros.org/docker
[4] https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/gazebo/
[5] https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/osrf/
[6] http://roscon.ros.org/2015/
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