[ros-users] Announcing Outdoor 3D Sensor working with ROS

Konstantin Zhukov, Oriense CIO zhukov at oriense.com
Thu Aug 20 13:30:20 UTC 2015

Hello ROS community,

I'd like to announce OrSens - portable stereo-camera calculating depthmap
onboard, so you can get depth and RGB streams via USB at 30FPS.

Here is the ROS wiki page for more info:


Here are the repositories:


Here's the website:

Our team is working on deep integration with ROS and on providing some
ready-to-use computer vision solutions.
We ourselves use the camera in our device for blind people, with
ROS-powered software.

We hope that our work could be useful for the community.

Best regards,
Konstantin Zhukov, Oriense co-founder and CIO
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