[ros-users] New sig for Shadow Robot

Ugo Cupcic ugo at shadowrobot.com
Tue Aug 25 07:05:42 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I just created a SIG to synchronize discussions around our robots and
software: http://wiki.ros.org/sig/shadow_robot

The global aim is to facilitate discussion with our user base. For example,
we're in the process of refactoring our repositories right now to make for
an easier release process and more modular approach. During that process
we'd love to have more feedback from our end users but it is quite hard for
us to reach them. We also think that it'd be a good place to discuss
different uses of our hardware / software, sharing exciting demos or
tutorials, discussing new features, etc.

If you are using our software (the Shadow hand simulation or real Hardware,
the Cyberglove package, etc...), I hope you'll be joining that list!



Ugo Cupcic*Head of Software*+44 20 7700 2487ugo at shadowrobot.com


*Shadow Robot Company Ltd.*
251 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX, UK
Registered Number 3308007 (England & Wales)

RoNeX - Building Robots with ROS Made Easy 

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