[ros-users] Please create topics for this mailinglist

Stephan Opfer opfer at vs.uni-kassel.de
Wed Aug 26 06:45:56 UTC 2015

My original idea, was to suggest, that the list admin presses 3 buttons and enters some topics. That alone would change nothing for anybody, except for those who don't want to receive certain topics. They could make the list not even deliver the mails to their mail-server, in order to save resources like memory, traffic, etc.

If it is not that easy, as I thought, I will create local message filters, which delete certain topics.

So @listadmin: Please just give me feedback on that.


On 25.08.2015 19:03, Scott C. Livingston via ros-users wrote:
> The OP was about adding topic prefixes, e.g., as on the
> robotics-worldwide mailing list,
> http://duerer.usc.edu/pipermail/robotics-worldwide/2013-September/007064.html
> There is no need for a new account, etc.
> ~Scott
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